Bond Street Station Upgrade

Project summary

Service provided:  Structural, Geotechnical and Environmental Monitoring during station upgrade
Location:  London, United Kingdom
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Client:  Costain
Period of the service:  2013 - 2016
Duration of service:  4 years

Images of the project

Structural, Geotechnical and Environmental Monitoring

Bond Street Station underwent upgrade works to improve the connection to the Crossrail Station being built just south of the existing London Underground Station. The upgrade works to the station involved the demolition of an existing bank, the installation of secant piling, construction of new cross passages and escalator chambers below ground as well as new structures to replace the demolished structure.


The predicted zone of influence is centred around London’s West End, Stratford Place, but also encompasses Grade 1 and 2 listed structures, London Underground infrastructure and services which lie underneath the road surface.


Sixense were appointed to undertake the structural and geotechnical instrumentation as well as noise and vibration monitoring and monitoring of the surrounding structures.


Alongside this, Sixense carried out monitoring within the station and surrounding areas to ensure sensitive equipment and passengers were not exposed to excessive noise and vibration, whilst the works took place.



4D-Shape technology

Amongst an array of automated instruments, shape arrays (SAA), known as ‘4D-Shape‘ by Sixense, were used to monitor the Central Line, east and west bound, each string containing 51 sensors, totalling 25 metres in length. The Mid Level sewer was also monitored using 4D-Shape to determine longitudinal profile and convergence/divergence.


As an integral part of the structural monitoring solution provided by Sixense on this project, data is automatically acquired and processed by data logging solutions on-site, then stored on a remote server and managed 24/7 using Sixense’s Geoscope Software which allows real-time access to monitoring data.

Project Key figures

310 4D Shapes (Shape Acceleration Arrays)
135 Electrolevel Beams
4 Rod Extensometers
5 In-Place Inclinometers
10 Noise Monitoring Systems
1 Dust Monitoring systems