Our digital modelling solutions enable our clients to work with real-world As-Built and BIM digital models at every stage in the life cycle of their infrastructure.

The benefits delivered by our solutions


  • New projects
    – Comprehensive knowledge of existing conditions and 3D volumes, together with their environment and constraints.
    – Taking design studies to a new level of safety.
    – Site monitoring and verification.


  • Maintenance
    The ability to optimise operation and maintenance by using comprehensive, reliable inventories of premises, equipment, infrastructure and materials.


  • Deconstruction
    Consolidation of development, refurbishment or dismantling scenarios.

Why you should use our services

  • Our extremely accurate measurement and geolocation expertise
    Where data is required for digital modelling, a different acquisition strategy must be adopted. Our teams understand this requirement, and follow a robust and proven process to ensure that our models are as accurate as possible.


  • Multiple data retrieval formats
    Whether 2D or 3D drawings, orthoimages, TQC models, BIM models or any other solution, we deliver your data in the most appropriate and convenient format for your requirements.