Making dams safer

Sixense provide a number of dam monitoring solutions to meaure and record the performance of dam infrastructure.


Dam safety is primarily based on robust design and construction. But like all infrastructure, dams age and their integrity can be detrimentally affected by the harsh environments in which they operate. This can lead to material deterioration, leakages, structural weakness and in severe cases, dam instability.


Sixense assist our clients in developing effective, reliable and efficient specialist dam monitoring solutions to help water companies construct, monitor and maintain these critical structures.


Our monitoring solutions measure the necessary parameters required of a typical dam monitoring program, including, but not limited to, water level, flow, strain, and vibration. Data logging systems deployed on site and connected to the instrument network are rugged, low power, and suitable for use in the most remote environments.With automated ‘real-time’ data, the data imported into our software is analysed and the software will alert you of any data or readings that breach pre-defined levels.


Our consulting, engineering, monitoring and digitalisation solutions

We support you throughout the life cycle of your dams by providing a full range of services to address issues such as: