4DBloc ™ is a GNSS-based sensor that provides real-time monitoring of ground surfaces and built structures.


4DBloc ™ was developed and tested in cooperation with the French National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information (IGN) with the shared aim of creating a GNSS-based position measurement system that is robust, simple, cost-effective and accurate.



4DBloc™, the accurate, robust and economical GNSS deformation sensor

Requiring no calibration or special maintenance, 4DBloc ™ is a very simple sensor, and unlike other sensors in this family, requires no regular maintenance.

It also consumes very little energy, and can be powered by a single solar panel installed at the same time.

It is the ideal instrument for the long-term monitoring of locations where access is challenging.

4DBloc ™ data is processed by a dedicated, unique and fully automated algorithm to deliver a level of accuracy within a few millimetres, depending on circumstances and location.

capteur 4DBloc de SIXENSE
4DBloc  Capteur de déformation GNSS de SIXENSE

4DBloc™ and its applications

4DBloc ™ applications include:

  • Transport infrastructures: bridges, rails, roads, etc.
  • Hydraulic infrastructures: dams, coastal defences, harbours, etc.
  • Historic buildings and monuments
  • Mines

Principle of operation

4DBloc Capteur de déformation GNSS de SIXENSE
4DBloc Capteur de déformation GNSS de SIXENSE

The 4DBloc™ solution gives you:

  • A robust system with a small footprint and low power consumption
  • The best GNSS-based deformation system on the market
  • Unrivalled value for money