From studies to maintenance, we can support you with your steel and concrete protection issues.
Our expertise is built around the following technical skills:

  • Protection against corrosion
  • Protection against fire
  • Protection of concrete (watertightness, impermeability, etc.)
  • Soil protection
  • Protection of the environment during projects to restore engineering structures





Our solutions at the design stage

  • Drafting of written documents
  • Budgeting/Planning
  • Bid Analysis
  • Compliance with requirements (standards, technical specifications, best practices, ACQPA/FROSIO/LACE rules, etc. )
peinture et revêtements spéciaux - application

Our solutions during construction

  • Compliance with requirements
  • Monitoring and inspection by experienced ACQPA/FROSIO inspectors
  • Handling of any non-conformities
  • Final acceptance

Our solutions during ageing

  • Diagnosis for an overview of the condition of the structure
  • Repainting options from a cost/benefit/risk perspective
  • Planning and estimation of maintenance operations
  • Technical support when making warranty claims and other disputes

We are recognised by representative organisations in the coatings industry

A dedicated training centre

We provide personalised training in the field of steel and concrete protection for appraisals, diagnostics, defects, regulatory watches, worksite support, audits, etc…

We train future ACQPA/FROSIO inspectors and ACQPA Level 3 business managers in our training centres or directly at our clients’ premises.

Discover our range of training.