Structural assessment and the appraisal of infrastructure or building durability are major challenges for contracting authorities. They form the basis for considerations that guide management policy and can define the decision-making processes for maintenance or repair regimes of the associated structure.


Structural assessment provides assurance to the building or structures owner that following incidents such as a fires or explosion or natural disasters such as earthquake, the structure is still operationally viable.


The durability assessment is designed to assess degradation kinematics and forecast the residual service life of a structure.


These assessments are underpinned by a thorough knowledge of the structure, how it’s built, it’s condition, and complex, advanced scientific computing techniques. This information can enable a more detailed understanding and more realistic modelling of the behaviour of structures and materials.



Cutting-edge expertise in materials, structures and coatings

Concrete, metal, masonry, wood, carbon composite materials… whatever the materials, and however your structure is formed, our experts can offer you:

  • A secure and precise diagnosis on the basis of which to estimate the residual life of your structure.
  • Clear answers about a structure’s condition (fault analysis and failure prediction) and its service level in terms of load-bearing capacity and fire resistance.
  • Repair, reinforcement and/or consolidation solutions to guarantee the safety, durability and serviceability as the basis for extending structure life span.

Our specialty areas:

What sets us apart distinctively from competitors


Our experience is field experience

Our expertise is based on in-depth knowledge of historical construction techniques, and the latest methods for monitoring existing buildings.

The body of experience accumulated in analysing and interpreting the results of a structural assessment, allow our engineers to adapt and refine our assessment methods. This provides the most accurate possible appraisal of the condition and behaviour of structures.