Crossrail C510

Project summary

Service provided:  Crossrail C510 Instrumentation and Monitoring
Location:  Whitechapel & Liverpool Street, London
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Crossrail C510 covers the construction of tunnels and shotcrete lining works associated with the development and expansion of Liverpool Street and Whitechapel Stations to accomodate the new Crossrail tunnels.


The activity is split into distinct parts including construction of the new Whitechapel Station in the existing Hammersmith & City and District Line cutting, the enlargement of a 400m long existing platform tunnel, cross passages and connections to the London Underground network, a new station and bridge concourse in and over the East London Line cutting, and a new ticket hall behind the retained building fronting on Whitechapel Road.


The works also include the shafts and platforms for the Crossrail tunnels, mechanical and electrical (M&E) infrastructure and related infrastructure.


SIXENSE were selected as the preferred monitoring contractor for installation, commissioning and running 75 Automated Total Stations (Cyclops), working in groups for a period of 5 years within the zone of influence. To complement these systems, SIXENSE also installed water settlement cells, inclinometers, rod extensometers, tilt meters and crack meters.


SIXENSE provided a full data management service, 7 days a week, for the full duration of the project, managing the data using our GEOSCOPE Monitoring Software.


Project Key figures

75 CYCLOPS Automatic Total Stations
200 Hydraulic Settlement Cells
30 Inclinometers
30 Rod Extensometers
80 Tiltmeters
20 Crackmeters

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