Crossrail C208

Project summary

Service provided:  Structural and Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring
Location:  London, United Kingdom
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Client:  McGee Group
Period of the service:  2011
Duration of service:  12 Months


Monitoring during demolition works at Tottenham Court Road

The construction of the new Tottenham Court Road Western Ticket Hall, carried out as part of the Crossrail project provides a mainline rail link running East to West across London. The new Western Ticket Hall will provide access to the Crossrail platforms and the existing Central Line platforms.

Initial works required the demolition of structures lying between Dean Street and Great Chapel Street to make way for the new ticket hall.


Sixense were appointed to carry out structural monitoring of the ground and buildings directly adjacent to the demolition site and provide baseline monitoring in advance of the main contract works.

In order to minimise the risk of damage and assess impacts on buildings, streets, pathways and utilities during the demolition and construction works, a comprehensive instrumentation and monitoring programme was required by the contractor.

Sixense installed and managed a range of equipment and set up a comprehensive monitoring regime. The contract required strict control, working in residential areas of London surrounded by heritage structures with listed building status.

At the request of Crossrail, structural and environmental monitoring was installed that would enable the successful completion of the demolition works without undue disruption to surrounding structures and neighbours.

On completion of the demolition and baseline monitoring, the monitoring system was handed over in its entirety to the Main Contractor for the Western Ticket Hall works

Project Key figures

372 3D Geodetic Prisms
136 BRE Sockets
117 Precise Levelling Studs
10 Barcode Strips
1 VW Crackmeter

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