Construction and development activities can disturb and have a negative impact on neighbouring communities. 

Sixense work with consultants, engineers and contractors to minimise the environmental impacts from construction activities; from project inception to completion, providing advice and ensuring operations comply with local environmental standards.


We provide stand-alone noise, vibration and air quality monitoring services or bring added value by integrating our specialist consultancy services; making full use of the available environmental data to keep your project on track.


We develop solutions that optimise construction productivity, minimise financial impact and enhance community perception by :


  • understanding project environmental obligations and risks
  • advising on mitigation and monitoring options
  • ensuring environmental compliance through monitoring and assessment
  • communicating project performance effectively to stakeholders and neighbours


Environmental division



Specialist monitoring and consultancy services have been developed to overcome noise, vibration, air-quality and dust challenges on :


  • infrastructure and construction projects
  • existing transportation networks
  • heritage structures and monuments
  • residential properties

Our specialist measurement solutions