Beyond ProcessManager is the solution that enables all actors of your project to work easily in a collaborative and chronological way.

From preparation to closing of activities, Beyond ProcessManager streamlines the procedures at each step of your project in order to improve the productivity and operational excellence of your complex and regulated projects with :

  • Digitisation of your worksite processes
  • Sharing between the field and the office within the same space
  • Documentation generation  for a better follow-up

Digital solution simplifying operational processes

Issues addressed:

  • Improve the collaboration of project actors
  • Optimize the productivity and quality of complex and regulated operations
  • Secure data
  • Have access to updated data
  • Facilitate decision-making
Platform Solutions

Works optimization

  • Operations dematerialization: procedures & equipment
  • Risk analyzes at each stage of execution
  • Validation system with circuit of approval
  • Forms & observations
  • Automatic report generation like As Build documentation
  • Search engine & project library
  • Dashboards

Benefits for your worksite operations:

  • Optimize the quality and reduce the costs of a complex and regulated worksite
  • Ensure traceability, security and transparency
  • Improve collaboration, training and sharing between the different actors
  • Decision support for your operations
  • Have all updated documents in the same space
  • Reinforcement of safety instructions and procedures