To optimise construction activity, and minimise the likelihood of detrimental impact to adjacent buildings, infrastructure and the environment, we are able to provide efficient and effective construction monitoring services to measure structural, geotechnical and environmental (noise, vibration and air quality) impact as a result of site based construction activities.


We offer a comprehensive range of services. This can include an initial consultation to develop an project specific bespoke monitoring solution, through to installation and commissioning of the most appropriate instrumentation for the monitoring scheme on site, as well as any necessary equipment maintenance and data management.


Our primary objective is to ensure that your construction works are managed safely, and that delivery is optimised.


Our 25 years of experience in this industry, working on a variety of small-scale projects to large ‘mega’ projects, enable us to develop and refine both manual, low frequency monitoring regimes, as well automated, ‘real-time’ solutions.


Construction monitoring can be as simple as installing conventional survey equipment to the commissioning of precision, complex instrumentation.


We are able to record multiple parameters form installed instrumentation, including displacement, tilt, strain, temperature change, hydrostatic head etc…  In the majority of cases, data is gathered automatically. We are even able to integrate ATLAS InSAR (satellite monitoring) and ‘real-time’ tunnel boring machine parameters into our own monitoring software where and when appropriate.


In order to ensure we remain recognised as one of the worlds leading instrumentation and monitoring contractors, we continually innovate to ensure that construction monitoring is valued by our clients, and that their projects are delivered with the least amount of programme, budgetary and health and safety risk.


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