Sixense provide qualifying or personalised training in the field of steel and concrete protection for appraisals, diagnostics, defects, regulatory watches, worksite support and audits, etc.


We train future ACQPA/FROSIO inspectors and ACQPA Level 3 business managers in our training centres or directly at our clients’ premises.


Within our team we have 10 ACQPA/FROSIO inspectors, including four engineers and six technicians.


We are supported by the expertise of our laboratory to analyse coatings and provide clear responses to the problems encountered by our clients.


Our steel and concrete protection training and site services utilise a significant fleet of measuring equipment including: –
  • Manual, pneumatic and automatic adhesion meter
  • Low porosity (wet sponge) and high voltage (electric brush) detector
  • Non-destructive (electromagnetic) or destructive (PIG) ​​dry thickness measurement
  • Measurement of soluble salts (Bresle test and measurement of the conductivity of abrasives)
  • Colorimeter (Delta E measurement)
  • Thermohydrometer, Profile sensor, roughness meter, etc.

Industry Recognised

We are recognised by normative and representative parties in the coatings industry

Our Training Courses

Several types of steel and concrete protection training session are offered, depending on your specific requirements and objectives:

  • Introductory courses
  •  Certifying courses
    • ACQPA/FROSIO inspector
    • ACQPA N3, QRB 1 and QRB2 work supervisor for nuclear operators
  • Intra or inter-company versions
    • Design of “tailor-made” training courses


Our added value

We have been a training centre for over 20 years (training centre approved under no. 93830339283 by the Prefect of the PACA region)

All our sessions are provided by our inspectors and experts with extensive experience in the field.

During each course we pay particular attention to the sharing of experiences and encourage discussion about the issues you will encounter in the field.