Environmental issues can present the Industry & Energy sector with increasingly significant challenges. This can affect every sb-sector from energy source extraction, to generations and supply infrastructure.


We can help you manage noise and vibration issues on your project worksites in ways that make your operations more reliable, ensure the sustainability of your investments and guarantee that you comply fully with your environmental commitments.



Secure your investments, protect your people

New production unit project? Extension of an existing unit? Renewal of a classified facility operating permit or straightforward periodic monitoring? We can assist with the preparation of technical reports to ensure that your projects comply fully with all regulatory requirements.

We work in every sector of the energy industry:

  • Mineral extraction sites: mines and quarries
  • Processing plants: metal production facilities, cement plants, etc.
  • Production facilities: petrochemicals, fine chemicals, electronics, automotive, aerospace, etc.
  • Power generating facilities: nuclear power plants, cogeneration plants, etc.
  • Energy transmission and distribution networks: transmission lines and substations, gas compression stations, etc.

From risk analysis to detailed design study

Baseline survey

The size of our equipment fleet allows us to deliver a very high level of response. All our instruments meet the highest accuracy standards to ensure that our measurements and results comply fully with all current standards and legal requirements.

We respond with expert insight to your problems of environmental acoustics, internal acoustics (workshop noise mapping) and occupational noise and vibration prevention.

Our HSE certification is your guarantee that only qualified personnel, trained to the highest and most demanding safety levels, work on your projects.

Mitigation design, forecasting and assessment

Our modelling tools provide a clear understanding of the existing sound environments in and around your facilities, model sources of noise and assess their environmental impact.

The software we use complies with the ISO 9613 standard, and incorporates meteorological data to provide assessments that reflect the reality of your facilities as accurately as possible.

Whether your project is for a new facility or one that is already in operation, we design and advise you on the most appropriate solutions for your CAPEX and/or OPEX budget, organisational needs and production constraints.

Long-term support

Our engineers and technicians work proactively alongside you to develop multi-year action plans consistent
with your investment policies and maintenance programmes.

We align your operating and production challenges with your regulatory constraints and environmental commitments.

We provide project owners and project managers with the technical assistance needed to ensure deployment of realistic solutions appropriate to your production resources.