Our experts can help optimise building acoustics at the pre-construction or construction stage and are on hand to support and advise you every step of the way to:

  • Ensure that your technical and financial contract bids are competitive
  • Make certain that your methods and solutions for controlling building acoustics align perfectly with regulatory and contractual requirements
  • Optimise the outcome and delivery times of the structures you build

A service dedicated to the needs of construction companies

We know the construction world inside out, which means that our specialists can be highly flexible in the advice they give our clients regarding technical choices appropriate to the problems you encounter. Our teams adapt to meet your constraints and study all the technical variants with the potential to benefit your project in terms of cost and schedule.

SIXENSE can provide solutions to building compliance issues. We take great care to maintain good working relationships with all stakeholders, whilst at the same time working to optimise the requirements of our clients and safeguard your interests.

We can advise you at every stage of your project

Structuring contract tenders to ensure alignment with the regulatory context and technical programme:

  • Optimised design
  • Reasoned negotiation of acoustic targets with the project manager and/or project owner
  • Technical validation of variants
  • Optimisation of technical solutions
  • Ensuring the security of contractual commitments

On-site working and monitoring

  • Site visits and verification of implementation
  • Technical advice on construction details
  • Acoustic tests conducted during work on site to validate the technical choices made

Our services

Our acousticians provide you with practical, realistic solutions:

  • Diagnostics / Initial status:
    An inventory of your building(s) prepared prior to the commencement of work, and characterisation of worksite sound and vibration environments to provide you with all the information needed for a well-designed project.
  • Design:
    Design studies to identify optimised technical solutions and variants that comply with acoustic requirements and reduce your construction costs.
  • Work on site:
    Site visits to check implementation conditions and quality. Support with the management of your construction worksites to limit the impact of noise pollution on neighbouring communities.
  • Commissionning:
    Measurements at the commissionning stage to verify that all the acoustic targets set for your projects have been met. Support continues until all reservations have been withdrawn.

The added benefits of using our building acoustics expertise

Clear and practical studies

We are committed to facilitating communication between all construction project stakeholders.

That is why every noise and vibration study we produce is backed up by concise, high-quality reports, with clear conclusions that are developed in consultation with your team to facilitate decision-making.

We are committed to delivering results, and pay particularly close attention to recommending only the most appropriate and efficient technical solutions, avoiding unnecessary over-spend.