Sixense reach milestone in data management


This week Sixense UK marked a significant milestone in our position as a world leader in secure, accessible and optimised data management.


One of the major projects we are involved in recorded it’s 1,000,000,000th (Yes….. Billionth….) data value.


Every day our software imports over 2.2 Million data points from a variety of automated and manual, structural, geotechnical and environmental sensors, suchas CYCLOPS ATS, In-Place Inclinometers, Tiltmeters, Strain Gauges, Rod Extensometers and Fibre Optic Sensors, all installed and managed by Sixense, on this site alone.


If you have a requirement, large or small, for effective data management of instrumentation and monitoring data, on a simple and secure software platform, accessible by smart phone, tablet or PC, please get in touch and ask to speak with one of our experts.