Sixense Beyond Monitoring software starts UK project roll out

Sixense have recently started to roll out our latest monitoring software ‘Beyond Monitoring’ on UK projects.


Beyond Monitoring is Sixense’s powerful, flexible and easy-to-use platform for managing project monitoring data in real-time.



With our new monitoring platform clients can simplify their understanding of geotechnical, structural and environmental monitoring data, make effective informed decisions, and anticipate risks.


The Beyond Monitoring platform is built on the foundations of Geoscope, the world reference in monitoring databases first released in 1997. Beyond Monitoring builds on this legacy and introduces improvements developed from the most recent digital technologies resulting in improved data security, system fluidity, user experience, management of large volumes of data, etc.


If you want to find out how Beyond Monitoring can benefit your construction project, or the management of your infrastructure, please contact us, we’ll be pleased to answer your questions and provide a demo.


For a summary of Beyond Monitoring, please watch the short film above.